I felt a gentle pressure on my ankle. I sat up to find my mother seated at the edge of my bed. The dull yellow moonlight shimmered on the right side of her face. The rest of her face lurked in the dark. “Mami, what is this?” She asked ever so softly. She handed me […]

The Forest

A traditional fairy tale. Apiyo waited as she watched the yellow glow of the lamp float towards her.  The lamp cast a yellow blush on Min Aketch’s forehead nose and lips. “Apiyo, is that you?” “Yes.” “What are you doing in front of my homestead in the middle of the night?” “May I please have […]

2017 Writivism Short Story Prize Guidelines

Originally posted on Writivism:
The Writivism Short Story Prize is an annual award for emerging African writers administered by the Center for African Cultural Excellence (CACE). Now in its fifth year, the prize has supported literary careers for hundreds of emerging African writers. Entrants must be unpublished writers, resident in an African country. One is…

Chasing Inspiration

It chatters over coffee dates and breeds in experience. It’s everywhere, yet always elusive. It manifests in emotions and gathers in thought. You’re always thinking about it, yet you’ll always forget. It’s a tease. It will probe you like an itch that doesn’t exist. When you finally capture it and nurture it, It will grow […]

To Mbita and Beyond

Originally posted on The Village Chronicles:
The little hardly known island paradise …. Me: “…so where did you say you’re going to be working again? My Sister:  Taking a deep breath…“It’s called Mbita, Ciru. Mbita point to be exact. The western most point of the country, literally at the lakeside.” Me: “ and you’re sure…

Heart Art

You never thought it would turn out this way did you my beloved Picasso?. You never imagined I could turn out this beautiful. See now, what I can do with pain. See now what the ink of my tears, drawn from the well of your hurt can be. Take a look the art I have […]


Strolling through Karura Forest on a warm Sunday morning I can’t help but echo Micheal Jackson’s lyrics…..have you seen my childhood..….as I muse of those surreal memories romanticized by my desire to go back to those carefree days. One day your clambering up trees to fetch mangoes and build tree houses; then life hits you like […]